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The Scenic Hills church board has approved the ensemble to use its facilities for rehearsals at no charge. Musicians are required to bring their own instruments and music stands. The only other cost is materials and repertoire books, approximately $20.00 per year.


Rehearsal will be at Scenic Hills SDA church on the first and third Saturdays of the month, approximately one hour before sunset. For instance, in January rehearsals will start at 4:00 pm and will move up to 6:30 pm on June.


The most valuable contribution musicians can make to their ensemble is their presence at rehearsals. Membership in Advent Strings is a commitment to faithful, consistent, and punctual attendance. It is expected that rehearsals will be a high priority in each musician's life since each musician is holding a valuable place in the ensemble.

Members are allowed no more than two (2) absences per year, regardless of reason. This includes any absence, such as illness, family vacations, church commitments, etc. An absence will not be marked excused or unexcused, but simply as an absence. Directors reserve the right to dismiss a musician from the ensemble due to the lack of commitment as demonstrated by attendance, or other factors including, but not limited to, part preparation, attitude, or rehearsal behavior. Members may not be allowed to play in a performance if they missed the previous rehearsal.

Because of limited rehearsal time, starting promptly is very important. Musicians should arrive 5-10 minutes earlier to receive new music and/or newsletters, check new seating, tune and warm up. Coming late (or leaving early) disrupts the rehearsal mood. Tardiness or leaving early will be noted, and every 3 occurrences will be counted as a single absence.

Auditions Requirements

Auditions will be held on January 7, 2012 starting at 3:00 pm at Scenic Hills SDA church. They will last no more than 15 minutes and will be private.
Here are the requirements:

  1. Prospective members need to prepare two contrasting pieces, one slow or lyric, the other fast or energetic.
  2. Be able to play a major scale.
  3. Be able to sight read a piece excerpt and rhythm examples.
Placement will be based on five factors:
  1. Tone quality (beauty and maturity of tone)
  2. Technique (facility on the instrument, range, speed, scales, etc.)
  3. Musicianship (expressivity, interpretation of the score, phrasing, shaping)
  4. Sight-reading ability
  5. Listening skills/aural acuity (ability to play in tune)

A String Ensemble for Adventist Youth in Texas

About the Name

The name Advent Strings celebrates the first coming of Jesus Christ to this earth and announces his imminent second coming as well.

Rehearsals will be at Scenic Hills SDA church
on the first and third Saturdays of the month
approximately one hour before sunset
Eastgate SDA Church
727 Stutts Dr
San Antonio, TX, 78219-4437

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